top ten games of 2016

it's new year's eve, here are the games i played and loved in 2016

Firewatch, PS4

I put the winter duvet back into the duvet cover on my bed. It was too warm in summer, even the light sheet. With each button, I thought about how drastically different I am as a person from the one who took the duvet out.

Quadrilateral Cowboy, PC

I drew a series of different objects onto pieces of cardboard, and shuffled the deck. My friends took cards from the deck and divined their futures as they saw fit.

Viridi, iOS

I remember inching across the Potomac River as children after it had iced over, when Steven Herren threw a tantrum, and his foot fell through the ice. We had to make a chain with our hands to pull him back out again. I wrote about this in the weeks following the U.S. general election, and two weeks later I learned that Steven had died. When I was fifteen, I caught sight of him briefly in a hallway in my high school, but I quickly turned down another corridor. That’s the last time I saw him.

Oxenfree, PC

I spoke to my brother on the phone for three minutes (cumulative) in 2016. He bought me presents for Christmas, he did not know I wasn’t coming home for the holidays. In late spring, he and I teased my father in a series of haikus on a family-wide e-mail chain.

Watch Dogs 2, PS4

“Sometimes it is nice to walk around in a big, colourful world.”

“Sometimes it is nice to walk around in a big, colourful world.”


honourable mentions:

ladykiller in a bind


dark souls 3