when the sun sets at 4.30

It is harder to stay motivated in the autumn-to-winter months, I think. Here are a few things I have done in that time, and what I am preparing to do once the days get longer:

I made a few more games -- they showed at The Showroom Gallery at the beginning of November, and ended up at the Victoria and Albert Museum at the end of November. (It is a strange thing to watch other people do.) I still write for the Guardian -- about monthly, these days. I'll be contributing to a games and digital culture magazine A Profound Waste of Time in 2017 -- its Kickstarter campaign is here, and if the list of names I've found myself alongside are any indication, it will be very good. I'll be doing Train Jame 2017 -- a 52-hour game jam on a train from Chicago to San Francisco -- with a number of friends and colleagues on our way to GDC. 

Winter is a time to chip away at progress like a screwdriver to an iced-over freezer. It is cold and tiresome, but I can see a microwave curry at the back there. It's keeping me going.