sometimes I make games and this is where I put them 

sexwithflowers: flora and fauna -- an erotic abstration twitter bot with flowers. read more about it here.

a conversation with a mountain -- a game where you help a woman write a letter to a mountain

youngstown, oh -- a game that is mostly a poem about displacement, and living in liminal spaces.

oranges -- a twine game built to experiment with a way to write and code dialogue with an emphasis on interactivity and the rhythm of speech.

a tiny game -- an analogue game which requires being analogue and works with the tactile experience of that play, this game is about a witch who has her heart stolen by a monster.

space -- a game about kissing or not kissing in space, also maurice merleau-ponty and proust.

hi cathexis, hi catharsis -- a work in progress. as it stands, a beta haiku generator which operates from a set text pulled from a love letter I received in the mail after breaking up with someone, written before we had broken up. it was strange and disassociating and the poems this makes are too. scroll down for the link past the intro.

exits north, south, and east: environmental narrative in contemporary art and video games -- a game about what it's like to present a paper at a conference, written the night before a conference. it's got typos. 

partially buried woodshed -- a poem about robert smithson's work of the same name.

a game to play when you are feeling sad -- pretty self explanatory I think.


sometimes I am credited on games and this is where i put those

inh-exh: a breathing game -- a self-care game by Tom Peter Davison from Humble Grove studios.

those times -- a sweet twine story about nostalgia and old friendship from adriel.